Each Esquisse piece is lovingly made in Europe. Our partners are located in France, Italy and Portugal, we have chosen them with great care.
No concessions on quality, ethics and transparency !
Esquisse is part of the current slow fashion.

What is made in France : weaving and knitting, digital printing, part of the lingerie production and all the bath making.

What is made in Portugal : part of the lingerie production in a specialized workshop

What is made in Italy : laser cutting in a factory at the leading edge of technology

Those of you who have been following us for a long time know that we have maintained a 100% French production since our beginnings in 2016, and until June 2019. To grow, we had to move but we did not go that far. And a large part of our production is still based in France.

Why this change in 2019?
The French textile industry is not completely adapted to the technical nature of our products and the number of lingerie factories in France can be counted on the fingers of one hand.
It is therefore in Italy and Portugal that we found the solution and we are very proud of it.

Thank you for following and supporting us 🙂